Mind Body Align establishes charitable fund

July 25, 2016

Mind Body Align Charitable Fund

The Mind Body Align Charitable Fund seeks to further the mission and vision of Mind Body Align through philanthropy. The fund was established by MBA founder Annamarie Fernyak.

The fund will support projects that support women and empower them to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Examples include, but are not limited to: alternative wellness, women's entrepreneurship, yoga for underserved populations, healthy foods initiatives, arts & culture, and professional development.  

Applicants must be a 501c3.

The mission of Mind Body Align is to create a community of collaboration which inspires, nurtures and empowers. The vision is to provide a female-focused facility offering space and services which nurture community, individuals, and growing business.

MBA recently opened an Entrepreneurs’ Kitchen in the lower level of the Barrington One Building on Park Avenue West in Mansfield. The commercial kitchen was created to support start-up growing foodie entrepreneurs.

MBA also will open a new located in the former Butterfly House at 20 North Mulberry Street to offer additional space and opportunities to fulfill its mission and vision.

To support this fund click here. For more information on MBA click here.

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