Richland County Foundation

Why Richland County Foundation?

Vision Statement:  

“Richland County Foundation will be a leader in community development, innovative granting and endowment building to enrich and improve the quality of life in our community.”

Mission Statement:        

“The mission of the Richland County Foundation is to improve and enhance the quality of life in Richland County through strategic philanthropy and community leadership.”

 To accomplish our mission, we will: 

  • Provide Leadership and act as a catalyst in identifying and addressing emerging community needs.
  • Distribute Grants for charitable purposes in the areas of Health, Economic Development, Basic Human Needs, Education, Cultural Activities, Environment, and Community Services.
  • Prudently Manage the Foundation’s resources to achieve the maximum benefit for Richland County in perpetuity.
  • Identify and Cultivate Donors of all economic means and charitable interests.
  • Assist Donors in establishing funds to meet community needs and distribute proceeds in accordance with the donor’s intent.

 Director of Finance Rachel Weber, Senior Community Investment Officer Siera Marth-May, President & CEO Allie Watson, Chief Advancement Officer Maura Teynor,  Administrative Assistant Stacie Shoemaker, and Community Investment Officer Bobby Rhea.