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Donors are the core of the Foundation.  Click here to learn how to make your charitable wishes a reality. The Foundation only makes grants to 501C3 charities. We do not make grants to individuals. 

Recent News & Updates

  • Gift of Grain Fund Gift of Grain Fund What is Gift of Grain? Farmers looking to minimize their tax liability and contribute to their community can donate crops to the Richland County Foundation via a local elevator. The producer can select a fund, such as the Gift of Grain Fund, to receive the donation. Grants are made to agriculture-related nonprofits such as FFA or 4H. View more
  • Remembering James R. Brook Remembering James R. Brook James Brook's code of conduct was a simple one: believe in God and trust in God's mercy and blessings. Take care of your family and those who depend on you. Do good where and when you can and have some fun along the way. A fund was set up to memorialize James Brook. View more
  • The Domestic Violence Shelter Diversifies its Funding The Domestic Violence Shelter Diversifies its Funding The leadership at The Domestic Violence Shelter wants to ensure its financial future. So, the board recently approved setting up an agency endowed fund at the Richland County Foundation. View more