Types of Funds - Richland County Foundation

Charitable Funds

You can simplify your charitable giving by setting up a fund at the Richland County Foundation.  

Benefits of a fund:

Connect you to your charitable intentions

Streamline your giving

Tax Deduction

Provides Long-Term Growth

Builds a Legacy 

When should you open a fund?

If you have a minimum of $10,000 to open most types of funds at the Foundation. The exception is a scholarship fund that requires $20,000. 

You recently received a windfall such as an inheritance.

You recently sold a business.

You want to memorialize a loved one.

What are the types of funds at the Foundation?

Donor-Advised Funds are convenient, flexible tools for individuals, families, businesses, or groups that want to be personally involved in suggesting grant awards made possible by their gifts. If you have a range of community interests, you may find that it is an ideal vehicle for fulfilling your charitable wishes. Donor Advised Funds are typically less costly and easier to administer than other forms of philanthropic giving such as family or corporate foundations. 

Agency Funds are established by charitable organizations and can be endowed or non-endowed. Sometimes these funds have received donations resulting from a community campaign. The agency benefits from the Foundation’s professional asset management, which allows the agency’s staff and board to focus on providing services to their constituents.

Designated Funds provide annual support to the charities selected by the donor. They offer the added benefit that if the organization(s) cease to exist, the Foundation has the responsibility to ensure that the donor's original intent is met in seeking new suitable organizations.  

Field of Interest Funds allows donors the opportunity to select specific interests within a broad area such as children’s programs, arts, education, seniors, or aiding the homeless.

Scholarship Funds provide grants to help financially deserving Richland County students obtain an undergraduate degree. Many donors have utilized scholarship funds to honor or memorialize a loved one. Guidelines can be established for specific schools or fields of study. 

 If you are interested in setting up a fund contact:

 Chief Advancement Officer Maura Teynor or call 419-525-3020.