Grant Forms

Applying for a grant can seem like a huge undertaking. We will help you along the way. The application process should begin by contacting the Foundation at 419-525-3020 to schedule an initial meeting. We prefer to discuss an organization's needs prior to a grant application submission so we may help you determine your best funding opportunities. We want you to apply for the most relevant grant opportunity. You can contact Siera Marth at or Allie Watson at 


Grant Opportunities and Deadlines

Grant Opportunities                           Upcoming Grant Deadlines                                                                           


Teacher Assistance Program                 June 28 (see below for other education grants)

Trade School Scholarship                      August 1

Competitive                                             August 16

Women's Fund                                        September 13

Competitive                                             October 18

Connections Fund                                  November 1

*For application forms scroll down to the appropriate grant opportunity.  For final reports scroll to the bottom of this page.  

 Competitive Grant Cycle

In making grants from unrestricted and field of interest funds, Richland County Foundation looks to partner with nonprofit organizations to respond to current community needs.  The Foundation encourages 501c3 organizations, government entities, schools and nonprofit medical facilities to partner with the Foundation to provide charitable programs to Richland County residents. Click here to see our competitive grant application guidelines.  The application procedure should begin by contacting Foundation Senior Community Investment Officer Allie Watson or 419-525-3020 to schedule an initial meeting. We prefer to discuss an organization's needs prior to a grant application submission. 

Connections Fund

The Connections Fund is a vibrant group of professionals, community leaders, and citizens with a desire to give back to their community. The fund, established in 2004, provides grants for community programs and projects. The grant dollars come from contributions and a growing endowment. Individuals can join Connections with a $150 donation and couples for $250 annually.  If you are interested in becoming a part of Connections, you can do so here.

Each year an average of $6,000 is granted to local nonprofit organizations which host programs that support youth. The grant committee reviews the applications and, together with the advisory committee, makes grant allocations.  

The deadline to apply for a Connections grant is the first Friday in November.  You can access the Connections Fund Application here.

Education Grants

Teacher Assistance Program Grants

Teacher Assistance Program grants are selected by a community committee for creative and innovative supplemental programs not covered by school funding. The grants, up to $1,500 each, are given to K-12 teachers in public or private Richland County schools to encourage them to develop new programs for their classrooms.  The deadline to apply for a TAP grant is the last Friday in June. Click here for the TAP Application.

Harry and Lois McCullough Fund Grants

McCullough Fund Grants are available for the purpose of promoting writing, literature appreciation, music, and Ohio history through creative, innovative, and effective methods and programs.  Harry and Lois McCullough Fund The application is available here 

Mansfield City Schools Field Trip and Family Involvement Activity Grants

The Mansfield City Schools Field Trip and Family Involvement Activity Grants are available to teachers and principals in the Mansfield City School District. Teachers must have building principal approval prior to application submission. The application is available here.

Mansfield City Schools Fine Arts Fund

Mansfield City Schools Fine Arts Fund of the Richland County Foundation is an opportunity for Mansfield City School teachers to apply for grants.  These grants will provide Mansfield City School students the opportunity to visit either the Mansfield Art Center or the Renaissance Theatre for a field experience with an educational focus.  Below is the grant application as well as informational pieces on each field experience. Mansfield City Schools Fine Arts Fund Grant Application is available here. 


The Foundation awards scholarships to students who show financial need. Many donors have established and directed funds for the purpose of helping area students further their education.  The applications are available online after January 1 and the deadline to apply for a scholarship is April 1.  Click here for more Scholarship Information.

 Summertime Kids

Summertime Kids started in 1994 to provide special summer activities for hundreds of children in Richland County.  Grants up to $2,500 are approved by a community committee and awarded each spring.  The deadline to apply for a Summertime Kids grant is the second Friday in February.  You can access the Summertime Kids Application here

The Women's Fund

The Women's Fund was established in 1996 to promote philanthropy among women and to establish a permanent endowment which provides funding to programs and projects in Richland County to empower women to achieve their full potential.  The deadline to apply for a Women's Fund grant is the first Friday in September.  The Women's Fund Application is available here. 

For Mother's Day or anytime, you can make a gift in honor or in memory of your mother, daughters, sisters, friends, or any of the special women in your life. The money raised will help support the work of The Women's Fund to help build the endowment and award grants.

An acknowledgment card will be mailed, at your request, to the honoree(s) before Mother's Day. To be sure that they receive their acknowledgment, please make your gift by April 30.

Final Reports

Submitting your final report after a grant has been funded is a key component to the grant process.  This information is used to evaluate the effectiveness of past funding and helpful in determining future funding.

Click the link below to access a blank copy of your final report.