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Mansfield Richland County Public Library Winnie Greer Fund

By Maura Teynor

January 10, 2024

(Photo: Mansfield Richland County Public Library Director Chris May and Deputy Fiscal Officer Mary Dwyer.)

An estate gift motivated the Mansfield Richland County Public Library to establish an agency-endowed fund at the Richland County Foundation.

“We were very excited to receive an unexpected windfall from the estate of Gerald Davis to set up a fund to honor Winnie Greer,” said MRCPL Deputy Fiscal Officer Mary Dwyer.

The fund will help support programs and projects at the library.

“This new fund opens an avenue for donors to support the library either today with a gift or tomorrow in their estate plan,” said MRCPL Director Chris May.

Benefits of an Endowed Fund for the Library:

It generates an ongoing source of income and diversifies revenue.

Allows for program expansion.

Encourages gifts.

About the Mansfield Richland County Public Library:

Since its opening in 1889, the first 700 books, and the first set of the Congressional Record, the library has been a source for free access to knowledge, information, and resources in Mansfield. That will never change. The library is a bridge connecting people to the knowledge and resources they might not otherwise have access to. But the technological and information era has changed the landscape. Things that used to be a barrier to access are eroding and the amount of information and resources now available is ever-expanding and changing.

While the library continues to be a storehouse of traditional materials, it also is expanding to offer new and innovative items that people might not think a library would offer. The library is way more than just books. It is no longer limited by the walls of its nine locations or the daily operating hours either. Customers across the community and across the state can access the library anywhere, anytime using digital resources. They can take classes, learn new skills online, read or listen to books on their devices, stream movies, and check out things like telescopes, power tools, and more.

In the global and digital age, the library recognizes the importance of being rooted in the community offering innovative resources, programming, and events specifically for its customers. The library is a center for people of all ages to come together to have fun, learn, grow, craft, seek knowledge and understanding, connect, and engage!


  • Amplify its role as a community gathering space.
  • Maximize its reach beyond the physical buildings.
  • Positively impact lives through responsive programming.

Learn more about the MRCPL.

Anyone can donate to the MRCPL Winnie Greer Fund; on our website click the donate button and select the fund from the drop-down box, or write a check payable to the Richland County Foundation and note the fund on the memo line.



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