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Success Stories of Interns from Buckeye Imagination Museum

July 7, 2023

By Brenna Koch

Photo: Brenna at Buckeye Imagination Museum

Over the years, we’ve had many interns come through the doors of Little Buckeye Children’s Museum, now Buckeye Imagination Museum. Each one was unique, but all of them have proven to be successful in their lives after interning here. Here are some examples of success we’ve seen at Buckeye Imagination Museum!

Natalie Tasseff was one of our first interns – she worked at Little Buckeye Children’s Museum while being a student at Ohio Northern University, studying Pharmacy. She went on to get her degree and become a licensed pharmacist!

Another well-known intern was Suzanna Hammond – She studied Child & Youth Studies at OSU-Mansfield during her internship with us. After she received her bachelor’s degree, she worked full-time for our organization for the next 7+ years! She recently resigned from her position here to pursue her master’s degree on a full-ride scholarship!

Katie Volz was an exciting intern to have at our organization, studying Aeronautics at Kent State! She went on to complete her courses and recently became a pilot!

Finally, for our most recent intern success story – myself! My name is Brenna Koch, and I have been a long-term intern for Buckeye Imagination Museum, being present during our days at the old location. I majored in Marketing & Business Administration at North Central State College, and, after graduating very recently, was hired full-time as Buckeye Imagination Museum’s Public Relations Coordinator. I’ve been very happy working for this organization and am very grateful for the opportunities provided to me through the Richland County Foundation – I wouldn’t be where I am without their amazing internship programs!

As of now, we have two new interns! Liz Zerby, a Public Relations & Business Administration major from Ohio Dominican University, and Shelby Keever, a Child Psychology major from St. Norbert College! We’re very excited to see what great things they will go on to accomplish!

Overall, as a nonprofit organization, we can easily say that without the Fran and Warren Rupp Fund, along with the Richland County Foundation, these stories wouldn’t have been possible – these individuals’ successes, along with our organizational successes, couldn’t have happened without your gracious funding and support. Thank you for your continuous support to Buckeye Imagination Museum, along with the many other nonprofit organizations throughout Richland County – you are greatly appreciated throughout the community and county.

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