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The Domestic Violence Shelter Diversifies its Funding

By Maura Teynor

September 22, 2021

The leadership at The Domestic Violence Shelter wants to ensure its financial future. So, the board recently approved setting up an agency endowed fund at the Richland County Foundation.

“The endowed fund is part of our strategic plan, and it helps us diversify our funding. It is one more step toward financial security,” said Domestic Violence Shelter CEO Kathy Ezawa.

Ezawa said they receive gifts from donors and fundraisers and local, state, and federal funding to support the Shelter which can change from change year-to-year.

The Shelter is expanding into a building adjacent to its current location. It will add 18 beds and 2,200 square feet which increases the capacity by 70%. Once the renovations are complete, the Shelter will be able to house about 58 people to address a spike in domestic violence in the community.  

The building purchase was made possible by several donors including the following funds at the Foundation:
Robert and Esther Black Family Foundation Fund
Jennette C. Hartman Fund
Fred B. and Marian J. Hout Fund
Katherine L. Parker Fund

Other donors included the Phillips Family Foundation and S.N. and Ada Ford Foundation.

Ezawa said a miracle occurred when The Shelter found out it qualified for a Community Development Block Grant from Richland County Regional Planning. Due to the pandemic, there were funds available, and the Shelter received a total of $286,000.  

The expanded Shelter should be open by the spring or summer of 2022.

Click to donate to The Domestic Violence Shelter Endowed Fund, select The Domestic Violence Shelter in the fund dropdown box. Or you can write a check payable to RCF and note the fund on the memo line.

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