Local teachers receive grants for classroom projects

By Maura Teynor

July 31, 2018

Foundation awards grants to local teachers

MANSFIELD – The Richland County Foundation awarded $57,493 in educational program grants for the upcoming school year to local teachers for their creative or supplemental programs not covered by school funding.

The grants are given to K-12 teachers in public or private Richland County schools to encourage them to develop new programs, projects, or events for their classrooms.  The following grants were selected by a committee comprised of Richland County Foundation board members, teachers and community volunteers.

Rich Hoover                        Clear Fork Valley Schools                             Prison History Unit

Kelly Harris                         Clear Fork Valley Schools                             Tower Garden

Christy Walter                    Crestview Local Schools                               Flagway Mathematical Competition

Dwight Souder                   Crestview Local Schools                               Aeronautics STEAM Program

Robin Dawson                    Crestview Local Schools                              Forensic Science & Biology

Angela Smith                      Foundation Academy                                   Current Events Magazine

Cara Pelphrey                     Lexington Local Schools                              Write Stuff STEAM Kits

Lisa Hughes                        Mansfield Christian School                          Science Kits

Michelle Lehman               Mansfield City Schools                                 Literacy Program

Keli Henry                           Mansfield City Schools                                 Robotics Program

Thomas Blike                     Mansfield City Schools                                  Entrepreneurship through Culinary Arts

Kathy Kranch                     Mansfield City Schools                                  Battle of the Books

Nancy Niedermier            Mansfield City Schools                                  3D Creation

Sarah Schonauer              Mansfield City Schools                                  Sight Word Station

Heidi Payne                       Mansfield City Schools                                  STEM Kits

Patty Lilley                         Mansfield City Schools                                  Leader in Me Initiative

Susan Rice                         Mansfield City Schools                                  Leader in Me Initiative

Jennifer Jarvis                   Mansfield City Schools                                   Project Based Instruction for First Graders

Jill Danison                        Mansfield City Schools                                 Non Fiction Literacy

Kathy Edwards                 Mansfield City Schools                                  Brain Pop Jr.

Kevin Stone                      Mansfield City Schools                                  Science Tools

Bernadette Redman       Mansfield City Schools                                  Indoor Recess Equipment

Lisa Foley                          Mansfield City Schools                                 Outdoor Educational Program

Stephanie Chandler        Mansfield City Schools                                 Positive Behavior Program

Robin Porter                     Mansfield City Schools                                 Puppetry Arts

Linda White                      Mansfield City Schools                                 Leader in Me Initiative

Jeanette Fike                     Mansfield City Schools                                Indoor Recess Equipment

Cindy Colvin                     Mansfield City Schools                                 Visual Art and Journaling

Melissa Vogt                     Mansfield City Schools                                Reading Center

Cassandra Bowen           Mid Ohio Abraxas School                            Photography Integration

Julie Pfeifer                       Mid Ohio Abraxas School                            eBooks

Kalyn Stichler                   Pioneer Career & Technology Center        National Tech Honor Society

Colby Dunn                      Richland School of Academic Arts             Physics Experiments

Angela Vega                     Richland School of Academic Arts             Robotics Program

Kate Mould                       Richland School of Academic Arts             STEM Kits

Daniel Jones                     Richland School of Academic Arts             Classroom Gamification

Chesley Talisse               Richland School of Academic Arts              Orff Instruments

Laura Stine                      Sacred Heart Catholic School                     Mindful Mats

Tracy Mathys                   Shelby City Schools                                      Indoor Recess Equipment

Anne Finn                        Shelby City Schools                                      Fine Motor Activities

Susan James                    St. Peter’s Schools                                        STEM Kits

Sarah Rizzo                      St. Peter’s Schools                                        Literacy Center

Erica Russell                    Temple Christian School                             Art Supplies

Wendy Groff                    Temple Christian School                             Art Integration

Promise Robinson          Temple Christian School                             Science Kits

Kim Running                   Temple Christian School                             Keyboarding & Speech

Funded through the Betty Martin Elementary Education Fund

Bernadette Redman      Mansfield City Schools                                 Indoor Recess Equipment

Jeanette Fike                   Mansfield City Schools                                 Indoor Recess Equipment

Funded through the Harry and Lois McCullough Fund

Angela Vega                    Richland School of Academic Arts             Ohio History Reenactment

Funded through the Ethel Mayer Southeast Community Fund

Angela Hartz                   Mansfield City Schools                                 Science Kits

Funded through the Margaret Ann Lindley Fund

Joshua Cunningham      Mansfield City Schools                                 Books

Jami Gilger                       Shelby City Schools                                       Reading Resources

Lauren Reichenbach      Ontario Middle School                                 Reading and Literacy Activities

Jan Weithman                  Mansfield City Schools                                Non Fiction Literacy

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