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#RichlandGives Spotlight: Downtown Mansfield Inc.

November 13, 2017

The Brickyard & Richland Gives

Downtown Mansfield, Inc is excited to once again be a participant in Richland Gives. Richland
Gives is an excellent opportunity for organizations like ours to connect with donors and for
donors of any level to reach out and support the places, people, and projects that impact their

For the third year in a row, DMI will be fundraising for our #BuildtheBrickyard project during
Richland Gives. Our mission at DMI is to stimulate economic development, improve
the appearance, and create a positive image of downtown Mansfield, Ohio as a desirable place
to work, live, visit, shop, and invest. While we have many programs and projects that touch on
our mission, the Brickyard continues to be the one that excites the community the most.
Richland County is a proven hub for artists. Research and experience have proven that
cultural attractions are a strong economic development tool. Downtown Mansfield, the heart of
Richland County has experienced significant growth because of investments in infrastructure and
programming that began with the Richland Carrousel Park and continues today in shops and
events throughout the downtown.

The new center of vibrancy is The Brickyard, an outdoor performance space that maximizes the
amphitheater-like architectural setting of an existing brick courtyard. With humble beginnings
and a temporary, plywood stage, DMI created a destination. To date events held at The Brickyard
have drawn over 75,000 visitors, adjacent properties are being restored, and we’ve only just

The Brickyard is transforming downtown. It is the catalyst to fulfill and create public demand,
increase foot traffic and investment, strengthen DMI and enhance the entrepreneurial
experiences of both traditional businesses and emerging local artisans. The Brickyard is more
then a stage, it’s a self-sustaining, dynamic outdoor performance space suitable for arts,
entertainment, weddings, meetings, and community gatherings.

The first phase of The Brickyard project was fully funded and partially complete, within six
months. We are now working toward the fulfillment of our next phase of Brickyard development
and we need your help: The indoor space for staging, restrooms, artist amenities, private party
rentals and indoor events.

This indoor space is critical to the ongoing development as DMI looks to expand the offerings and
continue to grow the demand for space in downtown Mansfield. This space will offer a place for
small parties, baby showers, wedding receptions, concerts, class reunions, conferences,
corporate events and all kind of other functions right in the heart of the Brickyard.

DMI envisions a vibrant downtown in which residents and visitors gather for concerts, special
events, and community festivals. A destination mid-Ohio where arts, entertainment, and local
businesses thrive. A resilient, flourishing, county seat with a proud urban core – the heart and
soul of Mansfield. The arts are a powerful tool for building community, and a design such as The
Brickyard creates a destination unlike any other.

We are excited to once again be a part of the Richland Gives day of giving. Richland County has
an incredible array of nonprofit organizations doing great work and generous donors that support
their missions. We hope you will join the Brickyard’s family of donors this year. Together, we
are bringing creative vibrancy back to the heart of our community.

For more information on DMI or the Brickyard, you can visit us online at
downtownmansfield.com, www.brickyardmansfield.com or follow us on IG @downtownmansfield
or at FB @downtownmansfield.

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