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Connections Looks to the Future of Philanthropy

By Brady Groves

August 15, 2017

The Connections Fund at the Richland County Foundation was established in 2004. Its mission is to foster and retain young leaders while promoting a philanthropic identity and involvement in Richland County. The Fund was born out of a desire to engage more young people in philanthropic giving and strategy, thereby creating the community leaders of the future.

The Connections Fund leadership committee has set a goal to grow its membership to 100 philanthropic-minded individuals.

Gifts to the Fund can be made for as little as $150. The Connections Fund embodies the true spirit of community foundations: a collection of individuals, families, and organizations leveraging their collective investments and interests to improve people’s lives.

Connections Fund provides a unique opportunity to socialize as well as pull back the curtain on the non-profit community to better understand the needs and work being done in this public charity sector.

But things change, the economy, community needs, and the unstoppable march of father time. No revelations here, right?

How does the Connection Fund introduce itself to the next generation of community supporters? A group identified by the Pew Research Center as listening to their peers long before parental-aged figures; wanting to live in fun places and treasuring the experience more than objects.

Key points to Millennial Engagement through the Connections Fund:

  • Giving back to the community with no monetary investment
  • Something to do over the weekend
  • Making  new friends
  • Maybe a free beer or two

So whether you are giving to or engaging with, the Connections Fund is uniquely suited to the pooling of time, talent, and treasure of our emerging leaders.

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