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I can help you with your next grant application

February 22, 2016

The Foundation Board of Trustees recently  approved over $1.7M in grants – it was a big day!  They approved grants from unrestricted funds, designated funds, agency endowed funds, field of interest funds and donor advised funds. 

To learn more about the various funds click here.

Many people are intimidated by writing grants. It seems like an overwhelming, daunting task and people are concerned they will be denied or not complete the application appropriately.  Do you know how to avoid that? 

ME!  I am here to help you.

My job as a Program Officer is to help match the mission and vision of our community foundation with the needs of your organization.  Your first step is to set up a meeting with me.

If you have a potential funding  opportunity or an idea you’re not quite sure is a good fit, contact me and I can help walk you through that process.

Once we discuss your ideas and determine which one you should use for a grant application, send me a rough draft.  I am happy to review it prior to the deadline.  We can discuss how the board may perceive the  application and help you put your best foot forward.

Once you apply , the staff may have questions about your application. These questions will help our board of trustees make a determination for funding.  At its next meeting, the board will vote on your grant. 

A few things could happen at the board meeting:

  • You could be approved!  Your grant could be fully funded for the project or program you requested!
  • You could be partially funded.  The board selected certain aspects of your project to fund.
  • You could be denied.  While this can knock the wind out of your sails, there is often value in discussing your application.  Perhaps there are steps you could have taken (i.e. submitting a rough draft) or perhaps it’s just not the best match for RCF to fund at this time.

Regardless of the outcome, your organization is welcome to apply again for funding from RCF.  Also, you remain eligible to apply through the small grant programs as well – Women’s Fund, Connections Fund, Summertime Kids and/or Teacher Assistant Program.

For more information on applying for a grant from the Richland County Foundation, contact Allie Watson at awatson@rcfoundation.org

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