Compassion In Action Fund

By Maura Teynor

July 9, 2019

(Photo: from left to right: Alice Hutzel-Bateson, Bekah Beachy, Kristine Lindeman, Nancy Labaki, Shannon Wine)

Compassion In Action will continue to help in the community through a donor-advised fund at the Richland County Foundation. After much thought and the advice of a consultant, Compassion In Action Board Members Nancy Labaki, Kristine Lindeman, and Bekah Beachy decided they could accomplish more in the community through a donor-advised fund rather than operating as a nonprofit organization. They invested the financial resources from the nonprofit to focus on making grants to improve the quality of life for children with disabilities.

Compassion in Action’s mission was to offer hope to families in our community experiencing a medical crisis by providing assistance, guidance, and encouragement.

History of CIA:

Compassion in Action was founded in 2012 when a group of community members organized a benefit for the family of Grant Reed, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After such a positive community response Compassion In Action was approached about hosting several more benefits for families in similar situations. The members of Compassion In Action began to recognize the financial strain that can result from having a child in the home with a serious illness or disability and became a 501C3 nonprofit.  This allowed Compassion In Action the ability to financially reach more families. Through fundraising efforts and corporate sponsorships, Compassion In Action financially assisted many families over the past few years, by covering expenses such as rent, utilities, car payments, medical bills, medical equipment/supplies, and transportation expenses.

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