Patricia Maxwell Scholarship Fund

March 12, 2019

Photo: Siera Marth, Community Investment Officer, and Patricia Maxwell

The Patricia Maxwell Scholarship Fund was established to award scholarships to Ontario High School graduates with learning disabilities to further their education at a trade school or college.

Patricia Maxwell taught students at Ontario Stingel Elementary School for 27 years. She created the primary learning disabled program for the school. Prior to Ontario, Pat taught in Lima.

She has provided a scholarship at Ontario High School for the past 28 years to a student on an individual education plan. She recently decided to move the scholarship fund from a private insurance company to the Foundation.

A gift from her mother’s estate led to the establishment of the original scholarship. Her mother, Janette Nottingham, was always interested in her daughter’s students and would bring things in for them to experience. Once she brought a duck piñata from Mexico into the classroom which the students loved. Pat asked her mother to bring something more sedate on her next visit.

Her father, Fred Nottingham, owned Nottingham Automotive Group in Richmond, IN. Her brother, Michael, assumed ownership of the dealership. Michael facilitates a scholarship named after their father for graduating high school seniors in the Richmond, Indiana/Wayne County, Indiana area.


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