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#RichlandGives Spotlight: Kingwood Center Gardens

October 26, 2017

Kingwood Center Gardens has been undergoing transformations, and the progress has been exhilarating! Each year marks a dramatic improvement in Kingwood’s ability to build upon Mr. King’s cherished benevolence and enhance the excellence he envisioned and our guests have come to expect. As 2017 winds down, it looks to be another record year just as the previous year was, and the year before that, and the year before that…  And that is the reality only through the support of this community. 

Our first ever exhibit, ‘Ribbit the Exhibit,’ brought a new dimension to a visit to Kingwood, and we were rewarded with record memberships, record admission income, and record total earned income. Ribbit can’t claim credit for all of that, however. Other new events, along with the success of the Great Pumpkin Glow, are inspiring a swirl of creative ideas for how to use our garden venue to its best advantage.

We are rebuilding our educational efforts and thanks to some timely and strategic grants, along with donations from friends and supporters, we have turned the almost unused Gate House into a center for children’s education called the Peacock Playhouse. Additionally, over 400 area school children make free field trip visits to Kingwood.

Kingwood is “Growing Memories.” We have discovered that many people find our gardens are the perfect venue for their most memorable events. The most conspicuous of those memorable events are weddings. Our gardens provide a unique venue, and weddings provide essential financial support for our gardens.

Gardens are our essence.  Our gardeners are creating some of the most sensational seasonal displays in our history. We have come a long way toward achieving new foundations that will ensure future dynamic, imaginative, and pace-setting gardens. Master planning has brought renewed commitments, dedication to our vision, and a strategic focus on our first-ever capital campaign.

Kingwood Center Gardens is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on community support through memberships, volunteerism, donations, income revenue, and opportunities like Richland Gives to provide our guests a most memorable experience with every visit. Your support helps to enhance our gardens, expand our educational programs, and improve our facilities.  Every gift is vital to “Growing Memories” today and for generations to come.


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