Why do you give?

By Maura Teynor

May 17, 2016

Why do you give?

The Foundation is welcoming five new members to its board of trustees: Carl Fernyak, owner MT Business Technologies, Jessica Gribben, Holden Agency Realtor, Barbara Zaugg Joudrey, owner Apple Hill Orchard, Karl Milliron, owner Milliron Auto Parts and Jotika Shetty, Executive Director of Richland County Regional Planning Commission.

Our boards of trustee members give their time and expertise to oversee the operations of the Foundation. 

During a recent orientation session, a new board member asked, “Why do people give?”

Good question! 

According to “The Nonprofit Marketing Blog” the 15 reasons why people donate are:

  1. Someone I know asked me to give
  2. I felt emotionally moved by someone’s story
  3. I want to feel as if I can help
  4. I want to feel as if I’m changing someone’s life
  5. I feel a sense of closeness to a community or group
  6. I need a tax deduction
  7. I want to memorialize someone
  8. I was raised to give to charity – it’s a family tradition
  9. I want to support this charity
  10. It makes me feel a connection to other people and builds my social network
  11. I want to have a good image for myself/my company
  12. I want to leave a legacy that perpetuates me, my ideals or my cause
  13. I feel fortunate(or guilty) and want to give something back to others
  14. I give for religious reasons
  15. I want to be seen as a leader/role model



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