Women's Fund Celebrates Community Foundation Week Announces Annual Grants of Over $18,000

December 2, 2013

The Women’s Fund of Richland County Foundation joined more than 770 other community foundations across the country during the week of November 12th for Community Foundation Week and National Philanthropy Day to celebrate local charitable giving.

In honor of these events, The Women’s Fund hosted their Annual Luncheon at Westbrook Country Club to announce the grant awards, totaling over $18,000, for 2013-14:

City of Mansfield – Department of Regional Community Advancement, Bottoms Up! Help Me Grow Project

Emergency Pregnancy Aid Contact (EMPAC), Loving + Learning = Bonding

Harmony House Homeless Services, Inc., Feed, Flower, Flourish

Independent Living Center (ILC) of North Central Ohio, Inc., Grandma Cookbook of New Recipes for Multi-generational Parenting

Parent Aide Program, Inc., Enriching Foundations for Moms

Our Advisory Committee reviewed the programs that we have awarded in recent years and observed that our grant-making has supported programs from anti- bullying, to obesity in girls, to healthy cooking/eating. We recognized that, at the core of all of this, is parenting. Effective parenting can be a change agent that results, often times, in averting poor behaviors and habits before they manifest into real problems, said Carolyn Carto, chair of the Women’s Fund Advisory Committee of Richland County Foundation.

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