• What if we all gave on the same day?
  • Education


    Donors are passionate about education

  • Empowering women

    Empowering women

    The mission of the Women's Fund

  • Environment


    Assisting with parks

  • Children


    Supporting youth

  • Connecting donors

    Connecting donors

    Developing the next generation of donors

  • Community


    Building people

Investing In Our Community

Richland Gives is a 12-hour online day of giving set for December 1 to encourage everyone to contribute to Richland County’s nonprofit organizations. For more information on the day of giving click here or contact Maura Teynor at 419-525-3020.

Recent News & Updates

  • Fund focuses on healthy and positive lifestyle choices Fund focuses on healthy and positive lifestyle choices Community Action for Capable Youth (CACY) recently established a designated fund at the Richland County Foundation. Anyone can donate to the fund at www.richlandcountyfoundation.org View more
  • The necessity of social capital The necessity of social capital Excerpt from the book Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam, The key to community growth has been around for centuries... Social capital refers to connections among individuals social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them. In that sense social capital is closely related to what some have called civic virtue. The difference is that social View more
  • Needed: Social Media Ambassadors The Foundation is recruiting social media ambassadors to help nonprofit organizations communicate their message for Richland Gives. Richland Gives, an online day of giving slated for December 1, 2015 View more